What Filtration Skids Can Do for You

For purer oil and gas, oil field professionals in Calgary and the surrounding areas trust our filtration skids to remove unwanted moisture and particles from their gas and oil commodities. Our skids can be assembled quickly and delivered directly to your site.

What Filtration Skids Can Do for You
In Calgary and surrounding regions, filtration skids provide gas and oil fields multi-function filtration systems that remove unwanted moisture and particulates from gas and oil commodities. This lends itself to product cleanliness and increases the life of essential components on all rotational equipment. Industry regulations dictate the need for producing the purest possible products. Gas and oil professionals know the value separators have in achieving these results. Placing them on skids allows for the creation of a modular system off site that can then be easily integrated with other onsite equipment. A modular system that’s easily integrated ensures minimal site disruption. Moss Fabrication Ltd. constructs such systems for the petrochemical industry, quickly—within two to three weeks—on our own premises and then delivers them direct to site. And no post-installation modifications are necessary.

Types of Filtration Skids and Scrubbers
At Moss Fabrication Ltd., we produce a range of separator skids to meet a variety of differing needs in gas and oil fields.

  • Two and three-phase vertical. Well suited to well-streams with low gas-oil ratios. Better at removing solids. A good choice when there’s limited land area. When large amounts of sand are anticipated, the separator is modified to handle this type of particulate. In two-phase separators the liquid accumulation is similar for both substances. Three-phase systems allow for additional liquid accumulation for the separated oil.
  • Horizontal. Convenient for constantly flowing well-streams with high gas-oil ratios. More cost-effective and easier to service. Ideal in places where there are vertical space limits.
  • Custom design. For processes and systems that have non-standard requirements, Moss Fabrication Ltd. manufactures specialty skids.
  • Sweet or sour service. Low or high sulphur depending on needs and priorities.
  • Lube oil scrubbers. Non-filtered coalescers from Gequip that are economical to operate and install. Over 99% recovery rate of lube oil or other liquid contaminants in gas streams.

Express Fabrication and Delivery

Located in Calgary, Moss Fabrication Ltd. has manufactured and delivered quality products to the gas and oil field industry for the last 30 years. Our skids can be rapidly put together for express manufacturing and prompt transportation directly to site. Though we pride ourselves on quick turnover times, we also have an unrelenting commitment to quality and safety. We adhere to codes of the petrochemical industry such as those put in place by the CSA, the API and ASME. Contact us today with any inquiries or to place an order.

Moss Fabrication does not directly offer or supply engineering services. All engineering services are provided through qualified and legally authorized third party companies and individuals.