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Gas line heaters and water line heaters, also knowns as tankless heaters, are widely used in various fields for heating water, oil, and other hazardous chemicals. At Moss Fabrication Ltd., our professionals in Calgary can fabricate line heaters in compliance with CSA B149 up to 5 mm BTU/Hr. We build indirect fired heaters utilizing either natural gas, fuel gas, or electric heating coils. We have experience in sweet gas, sour gas, and oil process fluids, in standard and low temperature designs.

Working Principle of In-line Heaters and In-line Duct Heaters

The working principle of in-line heaters and in-line duct heaters state that heat is transferred from a hot to cold body, and ensures equilibrium. Similar to conventional geysers, the heated medium flows out of the line heater system, which is replaced with cold fluid.

Line Heater Design and Sizing

Our standard line heaters are designed to heat liquids and gases safely at various pressures and temperatures. Each of the systems consists of the following components:


Also known as a tube bundle, are of two types such as single pass and split pass. The gas or fluid that needs to be heated flows through one or more coils in the system. A line heater consists of two coils, wherein one carries cold fluid into the system, while the other coil rotates to maintain the temperature.

Coil Area

This area refers to the space where the heat is transferred and calculated by considering the surface area of the pipe outside.


It is a submerged chamber that is used to fire the heater. Typically, it consists of one or more U-shaped tubes that are flared at one end and connected to the heater bath.

Heater Bath

An indirect heating option that is used to heat water or other water-based solutions.


The choke is a device used to check and control the rate of flow of the fluids in a line heater. It may be located between the coils as per the requirements and type, on the coil outlet, or submerged in the bath.

Sensors and Switches

These are the major heating elements that are used to ensure proper heating of the fluid or gas.

The size of the system depends on the following features:

  • Diameter and length of the coils

  • Dimension of fire tubes

  • Thickness of the pipe used in the equipment

  • Whether or not any particular operating conditions are required

We Provide Gas and Water Line Heaters

At your oilfield site, it is essential to have a line heater present. Using a choked line heater will prevent the creation of ice and hydrates in the line when the pressure is severely reduced at a choke. Without the heating ability of a line heater in Calgary, the flow would be completely shut down.

Additionally, in-line or in-line duct heaters can increase the temperature of the line flow, which is useful if the buildup of wax or asphaltenes become a common nuisance. Ensure your operation is flowing smoothly by investing in a line heater today. If you’re looking for efficient gas and water line heaters in Calgary, contact us today!

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