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If your industry needs a quality pressure tank to hold liquids, gases or vapour at high temperatures, count on Moss Fabrication Ltd. We are one of the very few companies specializing in building pressure tanks for industrial purposes. We have over three decade of knowledge and expertise with a focus in the oil and gas industry. 

We provide complete services for projects right from concept design to installation to delivery of the project for our customers. We see to it that the pressure tanks are built to their highest efficiency and are ready to operate in a safe and smooth manner.

At Moss Fabrication Ltd, we take pride in mastering the complex manufacturing process of a pressure tank. We test and certify the use of our pressure tanks to handle the necessary high temperatures and pressures.

We understand our industrial customers and their applications of the pressure tank. We offer pressure vessels made of a variety of materials including carbon steel, duplex stainless steel and other stainless steel. We are known for providing excellent quality and highly durable products. With Moss Fabrication Ltd. by your side, you can expect a complete return on investment.

Over the years, we have supplied pressure tanks for petroleum refining, oil and gas and chemical processing industries. We strictly adhere to the regulatory codes of the Canadian Standards Association and American Petroleum Institute. Get pressure tank fabrication services in Calgary from Moss Fabrication Ltd and be worry-free about your industrial process.

We also provide a wide array of industrial products including separators for gas and oilfield equipment and we design filters and filtration skids for various industries. Rely on our trustworthy instruments and carry out your industrial functions without any hassles.


For more information on pressure tank fabrication in Calgary, reach out to us now. We will be happy to assist you in every possible way. We believe that safety is our top priority. Even with rapid and high volumes of production, we never compromise on our quality and safety.

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