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Pressure vessels play an important part in any project in the oil and gas sector. However, poorly designed pressure vessels can be dangerous, even fatal, to workers. At Moss Fabrication Ltd., our over three decades of industry experience allows us to confidently fabricate custom pressure tanks and pressure vessels in Calgary. We are also ASME certified for pressure vessel and tank design and fabrication.

Our pressure tanks are designed, engineered, and constructed to fit our customers’ specifications and purpose of use. Using the knowledge and skill we have accumulated over the years, our pressure vessels manufacturers have the expertise to fabricate simple and complex vessels, large and small ones, and even vessels with unusual shapes, temperature requirements, and multiple chambers.

Contact us today to learn more about our pressure vessel and tanks fabrication work in Calgary. A service representative would be happy to discuss with you your unique fabrication requirements.


Depending on their purpose, pressure vessels come in many shapes, forms, and materials. For example, vessels can be spherical, cylindrical, and even rectangular. However, more unusual shapes may be more expensive to manufacture as they are more difficult to engineer.

Materials used in pressure vessel fabrication include steel, composite materials, polymers, and even concrete. Carbon fibre vessels can be extremely light but more difficult to construct.

To learn more about what size, shape, and material best suits your company and your project, please get in touch. A service representative would be happy to talk to you today about your company’s requirements. We can help you fulfill your specific pressure vessel fabrication needs at Calgary’s Moss Fabrication Ltd. warehouse, optimizing for both safety and cost-effectiveness.

As pressure vessel manufacturers, we have experience in designing, constructing, and testing ASME pressure vessels and tanks. Moss Fabrication Ltd. has expertise working in:

Stainless steel
Duplex stainless
Carbon steel
Super duplex

We can work in various types of pressure vessels and tanks, including but not limited to:

High-pressure vessels for gas and oilfield
Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) vessels
Water treatment vessels
Process vessels
Filter vessels


At Moss Fabrication Ltd., safety is our priority. Our company is proud to integrate safety into every step of our production process. We adhere strictly to codes from organizations like:

You can learn more about our safety credentials on our company description page. If in doubt, our clients are welcome to contact the ISN Network to verify our company’s compliance with safety standards.

Please note that while Moss Fabrication Ltd. does not directly provide engineering services, our engineering services are supplied by qualified, legally-authorized third party individuals and companies.


Moss Fabrication Ltd. is a Canadian owned and operated business based in Calgary. We are proud to support our nation and our province’s industries and the Canadians that work in them. We are dedicated to providing the best custom pressure vessels possible for safe and productive work. Also, deliver efficient, cost-effective products and services. Call us  to learn more about our custom fabrication services in Calgary.

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