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At Moss Fabrication Ltd., we have manufactured pump skids in Calgary for more than three decades. When you work in the oil and gas industry, you want the best equipment possible to get your job done quickly, cost-effectively, and safely. We take pride in serving our clients in Calgary, Peace River, Grand Prairie, and all of North America.

While safety is our top priority at Moss Fabrication Ltd., we don’t believe it has to come at the cost of fair pricing and efficiency. Our 50 staff members combined with our four in-house cranes and other sophisticated equipment means we can offer competitive prices and quick turnaround times. Our 19,000 square feet of production space has allowed us to fabricate skid packages that are 24 feet by 58 feet and 180,000 pounds.

Save yourself time and labour as well as the risk of accident and injury. Instead of building your pump skids on site, get them manufactured for you by professionals who have been dedicated to the craft since our company’s conception in 1983. We offer a variety of pump types, such as:

Recycle pump skids
Multistage centrifugal pump water injection skids
P.D. pump water injection skids
Heat string pump skids

You are also welcome to take a look at a diagram of our water injection pump skid design by downloading the PDF below.

For pump skids made in Calgary by our experienced technicians, get in touch with a service representative today. We would be happy to discuss designs available and pricing with you.

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